Why use a green screen?

Using green screen, or chroma key technology, is beneficial in many ways. It allows the user to layer any background with the subject being filmed or photographed. Here are some of the benefits of using a green screen to help you within your business. 

1. Save time

Shooting on a green screen instead of on-location saves time. It removes the extended production time and provides you with 1 location but infinite possibilities. Ideal for businesses looking to get the job done in a timely fashion without hindering quality.

2. Save budget

As the background added is digitally generated, there is no need to travel beyond the green screen to achieve a desired setting. This frees up more budget to spend in other areas of your business.

3. Get more creative 

You need to be different from the rest of the crowd. Having a green screen allows you to show your content in a unique way, customised to your business; the only limit is your imagination.

4. Be more versatile

Shooting multiple scenarios with the same person? The green screen avoids breaking down and building sets, allowing you to complete several shoots in one session, providing greater efficiency for your business.

5. Get your brand seen 

You can take advantage of green screen by superimposing your logo into the background. Not only does this make your video look clean and professional, but also it provides you with an opportunity to constantly advertise your business or brand your product/service with a company identity. Textures, colours, and several other elements can be added to provide a constant advertising.

6. Extended usability

Shooting on a green screen gives you the power to revisit projects in the future, updating any changes that might have taken place with the company branding. In addition, you can shoot extra material and easily incorporate them into the existing video.

7. Interact with your audience 

The ability to interact with virtual elements defines how far technology has come. It enhances customer engagement and improves communication between you and your audience

8. Consistency 

Lighting is a crucial element to video production; it can be a pain adjusting to changes in sunlight. However, if you’re shooting green screen, then you’ve blocked out the ambient light, providing consistency for your business to film every session.

9. Be professional 

Green screen technology will help your creations look clean and professional. The ability to set up a digital background can go a long way in ensuring that you would be in a position to make use of your professional talent to the hilt. 

10. Stand out

Standing out from the rest is the key to achieving the best results in a competitive world, and green screen technology provides you with the right edge.

No matter what type of video you wish to produce, from a training video, product video or TV advert, here at House of Heever we know exactly what your content needs to succeed.


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Why use a green screen?

Using green screen, or chroma key technology, is beneficial in many ways. It allows the user to layer any background with the subject being filmed

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