Recording your podcasts – what equipment do you need?

If you are making podcasts on the go - this is what you will need.

Equipment you need to start recording your podcasts…

For anyone looking to start their own podcast a few questions immediately pop up, do I need a mixer? Will your computer microphone do? Do you need special headphones?
The true answer is if you start to Google what you need your shopping list could end up as long as your arm.
That’s why we at House of Heever have developed our very own professional podcasting kit.
It has everything you need to get you on your way to recording awesome podcasts.


A good microphones is essential to creating your own podcasts, in fact you may need one for every voice on your show. Unfortunately, your computer’s inbuilt microphone isn’t going to cut it.
Our podcast equipment bundle includes a condenser microphone with a high-res audio chipset, cardioid polar pattern and large capsule with plated membrane to perfectly capture your voice. It also has mute control key to prevent recordings from being interrupted.

Pop Guard

This is a little foam sock that stops people ‘popping’ when they say words that start with a harsh consonant like ‘p’ or ‘b.’  These sounds can be really grating for your audience and fixing them in the edit can be a fiddly job. So, it’s best if you can avoid them when you’re recording.

Pop Filter and shock-absorbing mount

We also include a metal shock-absorbing mount, pop filter to absorb unwanted vibrations, reduce distracting noises and ensure superb recording clarity.


Equally as important as your mic. There are so many sounds that can affect your recording or render your audio unusable.  Most of the time you won’t pick these up with your ears so it’s essential you’re wearing headphones.
Our professional podcast microphone equipment includes noise-cancelling, universally – compatible studio headphones which are foldable for easy storage and transportation, so you can enjoy an immersive experience wherever you are.
The portable, sound-isolating headphones in our podcast microphone setup feature super – soft ear cushions and professional-quality sound, meaning you can fully focus whilst recording.

No need for a mixer

Our large-diaphragm studio microphone in our podcasting bundle can be plugged via USB straight into your computer – no external cable, adapter or additional power supply needed – making it the ideal choice for beginners and professionals alike.


If you are making podcasts on the go – the entire kit can be easily stored away in the sleek, space-saving packaging which is designed with custom moulded foam padding to protect your podcast setup when not in use, and give you peace of mind on-the-go.


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Podcast Kit

Our all-in-one podcast kit makes it possible for you to achieve your broadcasting vision in the comfort of your own home.

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