How to get the best lighting with your ring light

To get great photos you need great lighting, it really is that simple. 

Why Use A Ring Light?

It’s the best light for the job. The circular design provides an even, soft light that minimizes shadows and shows colours as they should be. It’s the go-to tool of beauty bloggers and vloggers for a reason.

What ring light to use? 

House of Heever offer two ring lights. Our all -In-One 12 Inch professional LED ring light comes complete with stand and microphone – dimmable 3-colour ring light, foldable tripod ring light stand, lapel microphone, remote shutter, lanyard, phone holder and branded carry case. This is the perfect kit to start you off. 

If you are looking for something more professional, then look no further than our 18 Inch professional LED ring light, apart from being slightly bigger, it has all of the above but includes an upgraded condenser microphone and tripod mount, plus white and orange filter sets so you can adjust colour settings. 

These collapsible ring lights fold away easily, and because the lights don’t heat up you can just pack up and go when you’re finished – no waiting around!

How to use your ring light…

  1. Positioning Your Light

It’s vital to position your ring light correctly. Position your light so that it is directly in front of your (or your subject’s) face. If you have it above or slightly below, you’ll end up with shadows.

  1. Light Is Not All One Colour

Different lights have different colour temperatures. Think about how the yellow-orange glow of a tungsten light is different from daylight. The type of lighting you use has a dramatic effect on your finished images. 

Fluorescent lighting is perhaps the worst type of lighting to apply makeup in, as it shows up all blemishes and imperfections. 

  1. Camera Settings

Even phone cameras have settings you can adjust to get the best photo for your ring light headshots. One of the most important things to do is to set your camera’s white balance to the correct type of light. This ensures you won’t get photos with weird looking colours on them.

  1. Don’t Place Your Lights Too Far Away

Because ring lights are made to wrap light around, you don’t want it to be too far away from your subject, or you will lose the advantage of this. Keep your lights fairly close, and experiment with different distances to find the ideal range. If the light is too far away, you also won’t get those cool circular catchlights in your subject’s eyes.

  1. Keep the Light Central

To achieve the best lighting for your ring light headshots, try to keep the subject’s face in the centre of the ring light.  


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