How to get the best lighting with your ring light

To get great photos you need great lighting, it really is that simple.  Why Use A Ring Light? It’s the best light for the job. The circular design provides an even, soft light that minimizes shadows and shows colours as they should be. It’s the go-to tool of beauty bloggers and vloggers for a reason. […]

Why use a green screen?

Using green screen, or chroma key technology, is beneficial in many ways. It allows the user to layer any background with the subject being filmed or photographed. Here are some of the benefits of using a green screen to help you within your business.  1. Save time Shooting on a green screen instead of on-location saves […]

7 tips on how to work from home

Life over the past year has become increasingly difficult, covid-19 has changed everything forcing us into new ways of living and working.  If you are someone who now has to work from home, as well as coming with perks such as saving on fuel, never being late to work and wearing what you like from […]