5 creative ways to use your House of Heever Ring light

Here’s some creative ways you can use a House of Heever ring light…

Ring lights are ideal for providing additional even lighting. By using a ring light, you can reduce shadows, minimise blemishes and illuminate the eyes.

The ring light itself has become a standard use of equipment on TikTok, which has become more popular during the coronavirus pandemic and is now starting to flood other social platforms. 

Delivering light in a circle rather than from a single point counteracts the shadow that would ordinarily appear in the other direction. This is why the ring light is becoming one of the most valuable pieces of  work from home’ equipment and why you should have one.

Here’s some creative ways you can use a House of Heever ring light… 

1. Zoom Meetings / Video Conference Calls

To look your best over VC while working from home you will need to position your ring light behind your computer screen. As the light shines on your face the shadows will disappear and your skin will look flawless. Even if you have light behind you, for example, there may be light streaming in from a window, the ring light will cancel out your black silhouette so people can see your face.

2. Fitness classes

Make sure your class can see you! If your room suffers from bad lighting your students, class participants may not be able to see you properly and gain the best experience.  Using a ring light will guarantee you look flawless and professional so they keep coming back for more.

3. For use around the home

Did you know you can use our ring lights as actual lights? It dismantles so you can hang it on your wall. It is also great for any task that involves detail:

·  Painting your nails

·  Producing artwork

·  Great makeup lighting

·  Decorating

·  Textiles and sewing

·  Medical emergencies

·  As a filming tripod

4. Use it for framing or as a prop 

You can use the right light in your photos to create some very different images or as a prop. The results will vary with ring lights of different sizes, and you have to worry about the plug and the cables, but it’s still a fun technique. 

5. Get better light when taking photos or video content

Popular with vloggers and bloggers, ring lights can give you more professional lighting during your shoots. You can raise the light and angle it towards your subject so it gives you great flexibility. 


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